Creation Portraits

Inspiration from God's First Book - The Bible
Portraits of God's Second Book - Nature
Helping you enter into the presence of God


Patterns One screensaver contains images of a variety of flowers.

Preview Images for standard monitor
Download Patterns One Screensaver

Preview Images for wide screen monitor
Download Patterns One Wide Screensaver

Each screensaver is available in two resolutions. 
1024 x 768 for standard monitors and 1440 x 900 for wide screen monitors.

The default setting for the screensaver is, for the image to display for 25 seconds at full resolution, with a fade in between each image.  The reason behind the 25 seconds is to give you plenty of time to meditate on the Word of God, and enjoy the image.  Studies have determined that after 21 seconds of thinking on something you have begun to meditate on it.

You may change any of these settings by going to start, control panel, display. Select the screensaver tab, choose the screensaver from the pull down menu. Click on the settings tab and adjust the settings as you desire.